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Welcome to LoGoat Pictures. We’ve been in the business of making movies for over twenty years. Speak with us today about bringing your video project to life. We hope to hear from you soon.

How do we start the process?

Whether you’re wanting a commercial, music video, short film, promotional material, or coverage of a live event, we’ve got you covered.  Simply contact us, and we’ll start by asking you a series of questions that will help calculate exactly what you and your team desire to create.  This will help keep us on the same page. 

what type of work can you expect from us?

Our team is skilled in all aspects of film-making: conception, writing, cinematography, directing, visual effects, editing, sound design, color-correction, and titling.  Maybe you only have use for one of the skill sets that we offer. Whatever is required, we will always strive to bring you the best results possible.

How do we determine the budget of a project?

Our estimates are given only after we have locked down your desires for the project.  This assessment is rooted in many aspects (including but not limited to): the number of days required on set, the equipment and crew necessary, any build-outs or location rentals, and the estimated amount of time to be spent in post-production.

Do we deliver on time?

Our expertise allows the team at LoGoat Pictures to streamline the process of film-making for you.  You can rest assured that we are always on time, and we are always on, if not under budget due to proper pre-production.  We know what is possible within given time-frames, and we’ll always be honest with you about this.

can you get known actors at a rate we can afford?

Most any dream is attainable.  Let’s aim for the stars so that we may at least land upon the moon.

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