About Us

About us

The Billy.

Let’s get it straight. What do you want? Can we get it there? Yes, but we need to lay it out. How do we do that? Well, first we write that script. Second, we lock our locations, before creating the shot list and storyboards. Next, we obtain the necessary cast and crew. Finally, we set the shooting date(s). The real fun is about to begin.

Film-making Team Read-through of Feature Film Script

The Gruff.

Editing is what makes the product’s great and all powerful emotions hold us tight. These cuts, color splotches, soundscapes, and dazzling effects are so wonderful because they are subtle to the audience. When our job is done right, it becomes obvious that the story always mattered first.

Film Production Team

The Goat.

The team is here. The dates have been set. We are rolling, and time is the most essential aspect that we must abide to. If the blueprints aren’t followed, chances of the film finishing on or under budget are low. We’ll be traipsing our realized dreams for a bit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t shoot this beauty on schedule.

Film Premiere in Portland, Oregon

If a Picture is worth a thousand words,
imagine what a Video can do


What is your product, and how can we help you maximize your video efforts?


Perhaps you have already shot your footage, and now you need an expert video and/or sound editor.

Graphics & Animation

Do you need an animated logo, or an explainer video, maybe even some cool credits for your film?


An idea is where we begin.  Let’s build from a great concept, and compose a masterful script.


We’ll follow our storyboards, and stay on time while truly delivering the singular vision desired.


4k or higher cameras, and we have an array of shooting and lighting options, in addition to many lenses.

Videos that tell your story

We are here to give our best to what is your key story.  That vision that you have in your head?  Let’s put pen to paper with set parameters, and we’ll be walking around in your manifested dreams in no time.

Our Portfolio

What Our Clients Say

Montetré and LoGoat Pictures help produce all of our creative content. He always works within our budget, and brings the most out of our ideas.

 Dave Smith, Sweet N’ Juicy


Montetré is the Director of Photography and Editor for my feature film Xmas Freak. I have known Montetré professionally for a few years and hired him because he is first an artist and second a technician. Montetré is the consummate professional. His talent and technical skills have proven invaluable throughout the process of making Christmas Freak. 

Sean Brown, Writer/Director


Montetré is at the absolute epicenter where classic film making and modern technology meet.

James Moseley, The Paradigm Crushers


Great eye, fast turn around. Exceeded expectations.

Evan Burnette, Local Art Glass
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